Lifes little Reminders

I often find that I have forgotten some of the important and fun things from every day life. Here is where I will remember them

Friday night was supposed to be date night but Leo got really sick from not having his inhaler, so he slept while I caught up on all the shows I've missed! Friday night I prepped my watermelon vodka:

To be consumed at the Greek festival! A few friends and I went there and had a great time! This was my watermelon in transport:

And then Sunday was my 1 year wedding anniversary!  Unfortunately mine and Leos schedule didnt work out so I went to a wedding during the day :

And then at night we went out for anniversary dinner:

Where I got anniversary flowers:

And we talked about how holding this:

Kinda sorta almost makes me want to think about having a baby- NOT UNTIL WE MOVE INTO A HOUSE THOUGH- lol


love it beautiful!

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