Lifes little Reminders

I often find that I have forgotten some of the important and fun things from every day life. Here is where I will remember them

My little baby Turbo was put down this morning...Tuesday I noticed something was a little off- he wasn't responding too much and wasn't interested in treats;  but seemed pretty ok. Wednesday I got home and saw him panting. I took him right to the vet, who was very concerned. The vet did some x-rays and gave him some medication. He suspected asthma, or heart worm bc they present in the same way-inflamed airway. My choices were to take him to an overnight hospital for 1000$ on top of the 400$...and I just couldn't. So I took him home and watched him all night. He got worse but wasn't terrible. Leo took him in and the vet said he had gotten worse, and his xrays looked worse. He said even the most aggressive care would most likely not work.

I wanted to leave work so badly but my boss insisted that I stay.The vet called me and spoke to me. He said that normally he wouldn't recommend euthanasia but that Turbo's quality of life was poor and in Turbo's case he would. So now he's gone and I am entirely devastated. I came home and just miss him. He was such a good kitty, and he was only ten months old....In the end they called it heart failure...and I love him so much


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