Lifes little Reminders

I often find that I have forgotten some of the important and fun things from every day life. Here is where I will remember them

A few months ago I developed a popping sound in my shoulder blade. After years of not having insurance, I finally got some and decided maybe I should seek medical attention. So I enlisted the help of a chiropractor. At first, I went with a male because I stereo-typically thought "strong hands". I quickly found out that this was not the case, and after 4 awkward and creepy sessions (one in which he stated "my secretary had to leave early, we are alone now", I decided he was not the one for me.

I was hesistant to see a new doctor but the pain persisted and I had a feeling it wasn't going to go away on it's own. So I decided to try working with a female doctor near my job. During our first session she listened to my history and even spoke to me about some medical issues. She informed me that she has a master's in nutrition, and we even talked about my diet. I explained to her that I left treatment previously due to the doctor performing scary adjustments on me, and not explaining what was going on! She then started treating me with kid gloves.

See, I think that due to the fact I had never received chiropractic care before; it's important to explain things "Barney style" to me or others in my situation. This Dr did.

My sessions so far include a discussion of my pain and it's progression. Then 20 minutes of uniterrupted heat and vibration therapy. During this time, I usually contemplate my day, and inner thoughts and feelings- and then I fall asleep. In these rare moments I am turned off from the world, not bothered, and allowed to just be.

After my nap, she comes in and does some muscle manipulation while talking about the mental health industry (where I work), and our husbands, and their jobs, etc.

All and all it's a pretty great experience, and I am hopeful about it's potential. :)


I hope that it works for you!

Glad that you found a doctor who will listen to you. Your first one sounded creepy.

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