Lifes little Reminders

I often find that I have forgotten some of the important and fun things from every day life. Here is where I will remember them

Leo went back to work tonight. He said he wasn't ready but he had to because no one could cover for him. I am worried, and could not imagine myself in his shoes. I keep thinking of how I would be if it were me-I have been unfortunately lucky in not having had to deal with death yet but I know it's coming. Our jobs give us 3 bereavement days; that's just not enough! I need weeks and months to get over the losses I haven't even suffered yet.

One thing I know is that Leo and I are very lucky. More people than I ever though cared have called, emailed, texted, etc to say they were thinking of us and would help if they could. People I just met months ago have been offering their support and have been a great source of it!

Tomorrow is Easter, and I know Leo's family is hurting..With the death of Angel being so close to Easter I fear the two will always be associated together.

We went down to the boardwalk yesterday in an effort to take his mind off of things, and I think it helped a little. Today we helped his Mom go through some old belonging of Leo's that were scattered through out the house.


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